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HEPCO Group CSR Behavior Charter

HEPCO Group CSR Behavior Charter

Each and every HEPCO Group executive and employee maintains the same basic approach set forth in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Behavior Charter below with respect to instituting CSR initiatives, and will act and behave in a manner that demonstrates an awareness of that obligation in the various aspects of our operations.
In addition, the substance of this Charter is taken into consideration as we draft our annual Management Policy, which we put forth in our actual business activities.
In our promotion of CSR, the HEPCO Group strives to address issues pertaining to the environment (E), society (S) and corporate governance (G).

Basic Approach

Based upon our management philosophy mandating "respect for humanity," "contributions to local communities," and "efficient management," the HEPCO Group recognizes that we cannot develop unless there the community enjoys sustained development, and we will make sure that we fulfill our responsibility as a member of society and contribute to development of society and the economy as well as foster culture through the provision of products and services centered around electric power.
With a management structure unifying the HEPCO Group, we conduct our business activities in a transparent and fair manner so as to secure the trust of society and enhance corporate value.
In pursuing our business activities, we will give top priority to safety, respect human rights, and take into account the environment.
With our position established upon a basic recognition of these principles, the HEPCO Group will act in accordance with the following standards of conduct.

Standards of Conduct

Our top priority is customer satisfaction in the provision of products and services centered around electric power.

  • We will improve communication with our customers to ensure their safety and stability, and provide products and services of a quality and price that is satisfactory to them.

We will sincerely live up to the trust and expectations that the people in the community place in us.

  • We will proactively provide information relating to our business activities, and, as a member of the community and society, we will improve communication with the people of the community in an effort to enhance mutual understanding.
  • We will deploy the comprehensive strengths of our group as we work to energize the regional economy and community society.

We will be sure to live up to the expectations of our shareholders and investors.

  • We will be unrelenting in promoting increased managerial efficiency, appropriately manage risks in our business activities, and strive to stably and sustainably enhance value.
  • We will appropriately and timely disclose information about our business activities, and actively communicate with our shareholders and investors.

We will create a work environment that is safe for our employees and motivating for them.

  • We will always aim to be thoroughly aware of health and safety as we strive to improve the workplace environment and culture, and endeavor to create an open and transparent work culture, ensure safety, and maintain health.
  • We will respect each and every individual's personality and individuality, and create a pleasant and fulfilling workplace where each employee is able to sufficiently demonstrate his or her abilities.

We will engage in transparent and fair transactions with our clients as equal partners upon a basis of mutual trust.

  • We will value good faith and act sincerely in accordance with our agreements and sound business practices.
  • We will also ask our business partners to share our awareness of corporate social responsibility and make the efforts necessary to ensure that these obligations are fulfilled.

We will conduct our business activities while also proactively working to address the environmental issues relating to the globe and communities.

  • So that our society may sustainably develop, we will promote global warming prevention measures, regional environmental conservation, and formation of a recycling-oriented society, and we will work to reduce our environmental impact in every area of our business.
  • We will practice thorough environmental management, and provide appropriate and timely announcements about information concerning our initiatives to address environmental issues.

We will practice compliance thoroughly in all aspects of our business.

  • We will always be aware and act in a manner which recognizes that practicing compliance (upholding laws, regulations, internal rules, and company ethics) is our responsibility.
  • We will properly manage personal information as well as all forms of information that our company is entrusted with.
  • We will stand firmly against and stringently respond to any antisocial acts that threaten the order and safety of society.

Results of survey of all employees about CSR (conducted in December 2020)

Do you always carry out your work while keeping in mind the "HEPCO Group CSR Behavior Charter"? (HEPCO Group Head Office)

96.5% answered "Yes."

CSR Committee

With the aim of smoothly and effectively promoting corporate social responsibility initiatives in the HEPCO Group, the CSR Committee, which is chaired by the president, was established at the HEPCO Group Head Office. The CSR Committee deliberates revisions to the HEPCO Group CSR Behavior Charter, policies and measures concerning important CSR initiatives, and other matters.

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