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Compliance Hotline

HEPCO and Hokkaido Electric Power Network have each set up the Compliance Hotline, which provides consultations regarding compliance violations or possible compliance violations by employees in the workplace or operations.

The hotline also accepts anonymous consultations. After a fact investigation, the hotline takes into account the counselee's intent in dealing with the problem. Company rules protect the counselee's privacy and expressly prohibit any disadvantageous treatment, and the hotline endeavors to ensure that the person is properly treated.

In addition to HEPCO and Hokkaido Electric Power Network employees, HEPCO Group employees may also avail themselves of the hotline, which is set up so that we can collect risk information broadly.

No major compliance violations have been verified so far in past consultations.

[Number of Compliance Hotline Inquiries]

FY2022: 20
FY2021: 34
FY2020: 27

The above numbers include anonymous inquiries and consultations (persons unidentifiable as HEPCO employees, HEPCO Group company employees, or other status)

[Compliance Hotline]

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