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Diagram of HEPCO's Training System

In-House Training

Career Vision Training

This training encourages attendees (employees in their fifth year with HEPCO) to look back on what they have done and to create a vision and action plan for the next five years with the aim of raising their awareness so that they become people who think and act on their own initiative.

Mid-Career Employee Training

This training promotes greater understanding among the attendees, who are mid-career employees, about their roles as well as the necessary management skills to be leaders in the workplace (responsible for core operations), and to motivate them to develop the necessary competencies early on.

New Manager Training

This program, which is entitled "Managing the Workplace and Subordinates," is provided to support new managers in working with their subordinates, developing the key competencies for training and utilizing their personnel, and seeking to improve these abilities even further.

Performance Evaluator Training

This training provides a program in which attendees practice performing evaluations and interviews to help them better understand the current personnel system, and equip them with the ability to serve as evaluators and conduct appropriate personnel reviews.

Outside Training

Business Leader Training

This training is provided for the next generation of management candidates to assist them in systematically learning the necessary management skills and developing a company-wide management perspective. The training program helps attendees acquire a variety of concepts and perspectives through discussions with people working in different industries.

Executive Management Training

This practical training enables attendees to fine-tune their management skills and sensitivities through simulations of management situations. By improving overall management competencies and engaging in discussions with people working in different industries, the program is able to broaden their management perspectives.

Other Training

Compliance Training

HEPCO uses two different methods to provide compliance training: one is education offered for all employees over intranet (e-learning) system and the other is group training (standard or division-specific).

Diversity Training

During the training program for newly appointed managers, HEPCO provides diversity training. In addition, courses have been arranged so that employees may learn about diversity using our intranet (e-learning) system with the goal of fostering a mindset inclined towards diversity.

Training in Collaboration with Educational Institutions

As part of our new employee training program, HEPCO brings in university professors to provide lectures on specific topics. In addition, employees may participate in educational programs where they are sent to receive an MBA at a graduate school either inside or outside Japan, study at a university in order to acquire advanced specialized knowledge or technical skills, advance on obtain a doctorate, or attend business seminars at universities outside Japan.

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