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Divisions and Departments Of Headquarters

Research & Development Department
Section Name Research Items
Research Management Section
  • Formulation of policies and plans for research and development, general coordination.
  • Evaluation and management of Research and Development results.
  • Management and public relations of Research & Development Dept.
  • Management of industrial property rights.
Power Network and Communication Research Section
  • More efficient and sophisticated maintenance and operation management for electricity transmission and distribution equipment.
  • Mechatronics technology.
  • Grid-connected renewable energy system.
Energy Utilization Research Section
  • Energy use for housing in snowy cold region.
  • Heat pump in snowy cold region.
Thermal Power and Civil Engineering Research Section
  • Remaining life assessment technology and maintenance sophistication for thermal power plant.
  • More sophisticated operation and maintenance technologies for thermal power plant.
  • More sophisticated assessment and maintenance for hydraulic and civil engineering facilities.
Environmental Technology Research Section
  • Environmental analysis and evaluation.
  • The recycling of waste.
  • The environmental countermeasures for power equipments.
New Technology Promoting Section
  • Survey, finding problems and visualization of customer's needs, our products and trends of services developed with new technologies or retaining new value.
  • Developing new business models and supporting to start up new services with them in our company.
  • Providing consultation to apply new technologies in our company.
Digital Transformation Section
  • Renewed the information system for new business models.
  • Promotion and support of IoT introduction at company-wide and group companies.
  • Advanced telecommunication technology.

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