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Request to Suppliers

(2)Request to Suppliers

Hokkaido Electric Power Company(HEPCO) strongly believes in the importance of cooperation and collaboration with suppliers to undertake our procurement activities while fulfilling CSR*. All of our suppliers are requested to perform the following activities positively.

*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Social Customs

    Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations*, in letter and spirit,and appropriate social customs.

    *The relevant laws and regulations include not only the all laws and regulations of any countries and regions in which suppliers operate(Civil Code, Commercial Code, Anti - Trust Law, the relevant laws on Intellectual Property Rights and etc.), but also laws, regulations and ethical standards, relating to labor and human rights, should be fulfilled to meet social responsibilities.

  • Exclusion of the antisocial power

    Refusal of the business with antisocial power that gives serious threat to order and security of society.

  • Safety as Our Top Priority

    • Compliance with laws and regulations relevant to safety

    • Securing public safety

    • Securing safe working conditions by putting the top priority on safety and eradicating of industrial injury

  • Consideration for Environment

    • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations to environment

    • Endeavor to establish the recycling-based Society such as implementing Green Procurement

  • Appropriate Price, Quality and Technologies

    • Seeking appropriate and low prices

    • Maintaining/improving quality and technologies

  • Compliance with Contracts and Fulfillment of Contracts

    • Punctuality in delivery and/or in the term of work

    • Establishing stable delivery systems and construction systems

  • Management and Protection of Information

    • Managing and protecting confidential and personal information obtained through our procurement activities in proper manners.

  • Fulfillment of After-sale Service

    • Cooperation in maintenance

    • Coping with emergencies such as disasters and accidents in appropriate manners.

    • Coping with malfunctioning and giving assurances in appropriate manners.

  • Communication

    • Please inform us your frank opinions, requests and recommendations.

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