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Procurement Policy

(1)Procurement Policy

Hokkaido Electric Power Company(HEPCO) acknowledges that it can never progress without the sustainable development in local communities, and steadily fulfills its obligations as a member of the society. The philosophy also contributes to socioeconomic development and the creation of a new culture by providing products and services centering on electricity.

Purchasing and Contracting Department will conduct procurement activities based on the following basic policy under the HEPCO Group CSR* Behavior Charter, because we believe it is important to commit our CSR* in order to achieve our purpose.

*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Social Customs

    We will conduct procurement activities in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations,* in letter and spirit ,and appropriate social customs.

    *The relevant laws and regulations include not only the Civil Code, Commercial Code, Anti - Trust Law, the relevant laws on Intellectual Property Rights, but also laws and regulations, and ethical standards, relating to labor and human rights. We will comply with all of these in discharging our social responsibilities.

  • Exclusion of the antisocial power

    We never trade with antisocial power that gives serious threat to order and security of society.

  • Safety as Our Top Priority

    We, putting our top priority on safety, will conduct procurement activities in compliance with laws and regulations regarding safety, and certainly take measures to ensure safety and sanitation.

  • Consideration for Environment

    We will continue to procure materials and equipment with less environmental load (Green Procurement), and endeavor to establish the recycling-based Society, to reduce environmental load in collaboration with our suppliers.

  • Open Procurement

    We will conduct global and market-driven procurement of competitive products and/or services from domestic and overseas suppliers.

  • Fair and Equitable Business Activities

    We will evaluate and select suppliers comprehensively based on safety, environment, price, quality, technology, delivery conditions, after-sale service, correspondence with existing equipment, production capacity/capabilities and financial status without any discrimination.

  • Compliance with Contracts and Good Faith Fulfillment of Contracts

    We will observe and fulfill contracts in good faith.

  • Management and Protection of Information

    We will properly manage and protect confidential and personal information obtained through our procurement activities.

  • Establishment of Partnership

    We will establish credible partnership with all suppliers and intend to develop mutual business activities through our procurement activities.

  • Contribution to the Regional Community

    We will contribute to activate the regional economy and community with our suppliers as a member of the regional community.

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