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The Purchasing & Contracting Department plans to purchase the following items, excluding fuel for power generation:

Hydroelectric Power Plants Hydroelectric generation equipment; Instrumentation and control equipment; Penstocks; Screens; Water gates; Other related equipment
Thermal Power Plants Boiler equipment; Turbine equipment; Gas turbine and diesel generator equipment; Safety and fire extinguishing systems; Instrumentation and control equipment; Water treatment facilities; Electrostatic precipitators; Flue gas SOx and NOx removal equipment; Other related equipment
Nuclear Power Plants Reactors; Turbine equipment; Generator equipment; Instrumentation and control equipment; Nuclear fuel related facilities; Radioactive waste disposal facilities; Radiation monitoring facilities; Safety and fire extinguishing systems; Other related equipment
Transformer and Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Transformers; Power capacitors; Gas insulated switchgears; Circuit breakers; Disconnectors; Distribution control panels; Electric wire and cable; OPGW; Steel towers; Insulators; Concrete poles; Protective relay equipment ; Other related equipment
Telecommunication Equipment Parabola antennas and accessories; Mobile radio equipment; Digital and analog data transmission equipment; Digital switching systems; Optical fiber cable; Other related equipment
General Equipment and Materials Industrial chemicals; Oils and greases; Safety equipment; Clothing; Business machines; Electric appliances; Computers; Measuring instruments; Office automation equipment; Steel pipe piles; Elevators; Cranes; Constant-voltage/constant-frequency equipment; Batteries; Other related equipment

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