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Contributions to Energy-Saving & CO2 Emission Reduction

ZEB Consulting

HEPCO is the first electric power company to be registered as a ZEB Planner. We put to use our technology and knowledge as a planner to support our customers in efficiently utilizing energy through analyses of their energy usage and recommendation for systems necessary for having zero-energy buildings in all the facets from design through final construction.

What is ZEB (net Zero Energy Building) ?

  • These are offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and other structures whose primary energy consumption (annual) has been reduced by 50% or more beyond the energy-saving standard set by the Japanese government.
  • These buildings utilize photovoltaic power generation and other sources to create energy in the aim of meeting their own energy consumption requirements and achieving zero energy reliance.

Smart Electric Energy Homes

With recommendations for high-efficiency electric home appliances, HEPCO supports our customers in leading lives that save energy and offer a safe and comfortable electric-home lifestyle.

Smart electric homes use heat pumps for supplying hot water and heating, and IH stoves in the kitchen to attain a comfortable lifestyle that saves energy. The heat pumps effectively utilize heat energy in the air and ground and are able to obtain thermal energy two or more times greater than the electric energy used, which allows electricity usage to be significantly reduced thereby saving energy.

Promoting Energy Savings in Offices

In HEPCO business offices and group companies, we have launched a simplified version of the EMS "HEPCO Eco-Work Campaign", which is based on the ISO14001 concept.
We are working to reduce the burden we place on the environment principally through energy and resource-saving activities, including reducing office electricity usage, copy paper purchases as well as the introduction of low emission vehicles and other efforts.

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