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HEPCO Group Environmental Policies

The HEPCO (Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.) Group has been dedicating itself to addressing environmental issues through various activities, along with stably supplying inexpensive power to our customers in Hokkaido.
The growing concern about realizing a sustainable society through fulfillment of corporate social responsibility makes it imperative for us to adopt an environmental approach and to reduce environmental burdens in all our business activities. We must address global environmental problems and achieve a recycling-based society.
In light of this, we will encourage group-wide environmentally friendly business, toward achieving a sustainable society. This will be done by following common group policies, such as measures against global warming, prevention of air pollution, management of chemical substances, promotion of the 3Rs (reduction, reuse, recycling), and public awareness-raising activities of our environmental policies.

November 2004
(revised in January 2014)

Action items

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