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Promoting Workforce Diversity

Promoting Advancement of Women

HEPCO has established a team to study ways to promote contributions by women and advance their status in the workplace, and we are engaged in a variety of initiatives to create a workplace environment where our employees, both men and women, are able to fully utilize their abilities and play an active role.

  • Examples of Initiatives
    • Raising awareness in workshops for newly appointed managers
    • Holding meetings of working mothers, which serves as a forum for women employees with children to exchange information

Working mothers meeting in progress

Working mothers meeting in progress

In addition, in 2016, we set a target of promoting female employees to managerial positions in accordance with Japanese law, and we have been progressively advancing initiatives to meet our target.

[Target of Promoting Women's Contributions and Advancement]

HEPCO has set a target to be reached by March 2020 of more than doubling the number of women in management positions (section management level or higher) from the level in March 2015.

Support for Managing Both Work and Family

HEPCO has put in place a variety of systems for both child and nursing care, and implemented initiatives to reduce working hours so that we may support our employees as they manage both work and family.
In April 2015, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recognized HEPCO as a "KURUMIN" company, which is a national certification attesting that the company is supportive of childcare.


Promoting Employment of Elderly Persons

To prepare for the day when the age composition of our employees is higher in the future as well as comply with Japanese law and regulations, HEPCO introduced a reemployment system in April 2013 under which all employees who wish will be employed up to the age of 65 in principle.
In addition, we have enhanced and improved the system so that, starting in April 2018, as circumstances necessitate people who possess high-level skills may have their employment extended past the age of 65 to support our younger employees by passing on their skills and knowledge.

Promoting the Employment of People with Disabilities

In 2007, we established Hokuden Associa within the HEPCO Group to provide a welcoming environment for people with disabilities to actively work and contribute as well as to support their independence and participation in society through work. In 2009, this company was accredited as a special subsidiary company under the Act on the Promotion of the Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

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