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Management Policy & Plan

Management Philosophy and the HEPCO Group Corporate Vision

The big mission of the HEPCO Group is to continue to keep the lights on in Hokkaido, support the regional economy as well as our customers' lives even in a business climate undergoing significant changes.

  • Management Philosophy of the HEPCO Group

Management Philosophy of the HEPCO Group

  • Corporate Vision of the HEPCO Group

  • We will support the sustainable development of the region by fulfilling our responsibility for energy supply.
  • Adopting a fresh perspective, we will aggressively take on challenges to achieve further growth as a General Energy Company.
  • We will manage business operations in a flexible and speedy manner, strengthen our business platform, and respond to the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • FY2019 Management Plan

[Items to be focused on]

  1. Enhance of Income/Expenditure and Financial base

    1. (1) Revenue expansion
    2. (2) Cost reduction
  2. Early restart of Tomari Power Plant and improvement of safety

[Items to be Continued]

  1. Response to legal separation of power generation / sales division and transmission / distribution division
  2. Enhance competitiveness of power supply and secure stable supply
  3. Environmental conservation, Human resources development, Measures as a company rooted in the community

For more specific details about these initiatives, please see the "Outline of the FY 2019 Management Plan" below.

Outline of the FY2019 Management Plan

Business Risk

This section describes Business-risks which may affect the HEPCO Group's performance.

Corporate Governance

This section explains HEPCO's basic approach to corporate governance.

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