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HEPCO Group Companies

[As of April 1, 2020]

Company name Principal Business
Hokkaido Electric Power Network
Tel: +81-11-251-1123
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General power distribution business´╝ŤPower generation business on a remote island
Hokkai Electrical

Tel: +81-11-811-9411
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Electrical and telecommunications works; civil engineering and construction; piping, air-conditioning and water supply/drainage facility works; disaster prevention equipment works;
maintenance, manufacture and sales of electricity meters; agency business of inspection
Tel: +81-11-261-1476
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General management of buildings; civil engineering and construction; environmental conservation (e.g., greenery maintenance and management); sales of fuel, equipment and materials; public bathhouse business; cleaning/security service business; utility pole advertising
Tel: +81-11-222-4420
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Comprehensive construction consulting services in the fields of civil engineering, construction, electricity, environment and energy
Hokkaido Power

Tel: +81-11-221-3921
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Thermal power generation business; commissioned operation of thermal power stations; construction, maintenance, repair and operation of power generation facilities and various types of plants; consulting services
The Tomatoh Coal Center
Tel: +81-145-28-3121
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Unloading, storage and delivery of overseas coal; marine transport agency business; customs clearance

Tel: +81-11-221-7745
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Power generation business utilizing hydroelectric power, photovoltaic power and wind power; commissioned operation and maintenance of power generation facilities; consulting services
Hokuden Service
Tel: +81-11-251-1141
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Business related to electricity meter inspection and electricity billing; general consultation services concerning repair of housing appliances in all-electric homes; proposals for energy conservation

Telecommunication Network

Tel: +81-11-590-5200
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Telecommunications services, such as Ethernet communications networks and Internet connections; installation, maintenance, supervision and consulting of information communications networks; sales of network-related machinery and equipment; security business
Hokuden Information Technology
Tel: +81-11-210-7717
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Consulting, development, operation and management, and education regarding information processing systems; sales of information processing equipment and software; Internet data center services; other information processing related services
Tel: +81-11-816-1140
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Design, printing and bookbinding; production of closed captions; sales of corporate merchandise and gift products; sales of everyday sundries, food, etc.
Tel: +81-11-596-6157
Leasing of LNG receiving facilities.
Hokkaido Electric Power

Tel: +81-11-596-7858
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Electricity retail business.
Hokkaido Records Management
Tel: +81-11-252-5825
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Document management improvement business; confidential-document destruction and recycling services

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