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The following concerning HEPCO's procurement activities are available, including information on the approximate quantities of major items to be procured in fiscal 2002. Such information may also be obtained from the Purchasing & Contracting Department.

Purchasing & Contracting Department.

Brochures summarizing HEPCO's procurement principles and procedures as well as Supplier Registration System may be obtained by any interested party..

1.Procurement Plan

An outline of the procurement plan of major items, including product names, specifications, quantity, etc..

2.List of Registered Suppliers

A printed list of HEPCO registered suppliers

3.Outline of Procurement Principles and Procedures

HEPCO's procurement principles and procedures are described in the following brochure

"Procurement Principles and Procedures of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc."

4.Outline of Supplier Registration System

HEPCO's supplier registration system is discribed in the following brochure,

"Guide to Registration Procedures for Product Suppliers."

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